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Simple steps

Its made for you

 5 easy steps that will boost your mental health and make you a better High-Performance Swimming coach.

Together with fellow swimming coaches from around the world, you will 

  • stop being stressed
  • learn to handle the swim coach's life
  • understand how to work with swimmers, parents, board

Coaching skills

You will learn skills that help you work with you swimmers mental health

Inner state

You learn how to work on you own inners state  and become relaxed and focuced. 


The five steps

The simple C.O.A.C.H. method is designed to take you to next level of coaching without having to spend more time. 

C- Communication

Learn simple and strong ways to communicate.

A - Activities

When you have a clear overview of what you do with your time your life gets much easier


When you help and get help you are in  flow

O - Order

Feel the peace and energy when you have everything in order


Be in control and keep control to jump to next level 

Who is Mads?

Hi! I’m Mads Claussen

About Mads Claussen

20+ years of coaching swimmers and working with the development of coaches

Short CV: 

  • Coached Olympic swimmers
  • Been selected coach at World and European Championships
  • Had several swimmers with national records
  • 20+ years of swimmers in national teams both pool and open water
  • 4 years as an instructor at the Danish Federation coach education
  • Part of creating new education for Parasport Denmark - swimming
  • NLP coach and NLP trainer

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